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Four Reasons why chicken must top your pizza topping list.

As soon as the thought of pizza strikes our minds, we start drooling. There’s probably hardly anyone in the world who doesn’t like this mouth-watering traditional Italian food. With a myriad of non-veg pizza toppings like pepperoni, sausages, bacon, barbeque beef, ham and more, pizzas truly bring all kinds of flavors in a slice. All these toppings taste great, but some of these are even better. Yes! We’re talking about one of the best pizza toppings - chicken. Chicken on pizza is like a flavorful melody that everyone loves and no one can despise. And there are some strong reasons behind it. So, let’s get into the 4 reasons that explain why chicken has a leg up over other meaty pizza toppings in pizza restaurants in San Leandro. Healthier option - While many meat-based pizza toppings like pepperoni, sausages and bacon are loaded with calories, chicken is the lean meat option that has less fat and calories. It provides you with lots of protein so considering chicken for your pizza take-out will provide you with enough protein with other healthy nutrients like calcium and zinc. Self-sufficient topping - Another reason why chicken should always be on top of your pizza toppings list is that it’s a self-sufficient option. When your pizza has chicken on it, you only need some cheese to do the magic and it will taste beyond delicious. Succulent Flavors - Chicken is delicious on its own. But while cooking chicken, it easily absorbs all kinds of flavors that are put in together like spices, herbs and veggies that you cook it with. Even the minimalist seasonings will make chicken tastier. And that’s all we need right? A great taste that makes your pizza a fantastic meal and satisfies your cravings. Versatility - Chicken is one of the most versatile meat toppings that makes one of the best slice pizzas. Whether it’s grilled or sautéed, the best pizza restaurants can play around with pizza toppings. You can club any other toppings whether it’s veggies or pepperoni, it tastes as appetizing as it does alone. All these points just prove our point. But don’t go by our words, take your friends and family for a relishing pizza party and treat yourselves to one. So, craving pizza already? You don’t need to search “best pizza places near me”, head straight over to Slice Pizza & Krunchy Chicken to enjoy your favorite one from the delectable variety.

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