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Slice Pizza & Krunchy Chicken

San Leandro

Get your hands on food that’s like your own.

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The pizza place for your impromptu cravings

Slice Pizza & Krunchy Chicken is a fast-food restaurant that has opened its doors to meet the high demand for the best slice pizza of food lovers in the city. The eclectic pizza and chicken dishes are the specialty of our menu that is nuanced with regional American influences. So, whenever you feel like it, you can come in to unwind, meet old friends, take a break, and spend happy hours. When you walk into our pizza restaurant you see, it's like being transported to another world. The smell of fresh dough, the sight of classic neutral walls and the tidy settings are enough to make your mouth water. You’ll have a pretty cool experience as soon as you enter. With an array of different toppings that are all economical, we encourage pizza lovers like you to come for a quick slice or even a full meal and coddle yourself. We are an old-school pizza restaurant that has been serving up great Slice pizza in San Leandro for a long while. We have a wide selection of pizza, sandwiches and salad dishes, as well as some delicious appetizers to leave you overindulged. Additionally, we serve a great variety of chicken that gives you crunch on the bite and melts in the mouth.

The food that tempts us into binge-eating

Home to real flavors - this pizza and chicken restaurant keeps the charm and cozy indoor setting that make you feel ecstatic. You will witness the magical process of bringing farm-fresh food to your table that is sure to delight your senses. The city folks who visit us smiling leave impressed beaming their nods to others.


What makes us special

We are known for being a favorite epicure spot where you can enjoy the best vegan pizzas in the town during your best time of the day - lunchtime. The varied variety of vegetarian pizzas, fried shrimps, bbq chicken, meaty sandwiches, and boneless wings are our creative endeavors that reflect the same flavors you’ve brought up eating.

Customer Reviews


Ian Rio T

The best pizza I've had in a while. They put extra cheese on top of the ingredients.​ ​​I got "The Mexican" pizza. I asked for no onions, the​​​ STUFFED CHEESE CRUST was Hella good.

Luna Duncan

Excellent! Tasty pizza, good toppings, helpful staff and order was ready at pick up time. ​I ordered the King Kong 28” MacArthur supreme and another gluten-free pepperoni…. Very much enjoyed by all.

Robert Valero

5 bucks (during the lunch special at least) for a fat slice of pizza and a can of soda is hard to beat, especially when the pizza is very generously topped and made fresh and well too.