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Slice Pizza & Krunchy Chicken

San Leandro

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Slice Pizza & Krunchy Chicken - The best Italian restaurant you will ever eat at!

If you're looking for the best chicken and pizza restaurant in San Leandro, then look no more. You've found the best. We've been called one of the best chicken and pizza places in the town. Our selection of authentic Italian food will leave your mouth watering and make every visit to Slice Pizza & Krunchy Chicken worth a while! We have a large menu of different types of pizzas like specialty pizza, cheese pizza and more. And when we say, a large variety, we really mean it. Thin crust, crispy and crunchy! That's what you should expect from the best slice pizza recipe, and this is exactly what you get here. Apart from that, we serve sandwiches and salads like Caesar salad. Our menu boasts some great appetizers as well like corn dogs, fried shrimp, onion rings and coleslaw. If some of our guests come looking for something healthier than these regular pizzas, then we recommend them salads or vegan pizza. Our salads are amazing to eat and you can get them as a meal for one person or two if you want to share with your dining partner. The best part about salads is that they come in kinds you’d want to eat any time of the day, for example - the classic Greek salad! We also have some good desserts like limoncello cake or tiramisus with other toothsome choices to make. Our huge menu has lots of different toppings options from the traditional cheese to tomato sauce to more exotic toppings like chicken and broccoli, pesto, or even macaroni and cheese to relish our pizzas in San Leandro. The atmosphere of our restaurant is very pleasant and relaxing. All in all, a nice place to come with friends or family to enjoy some good Italian cuisine while sipping your favorite drink. And we can assure you that your family will always love our food and our service, the center of which is our guests. The best part about coming to our pizza and chicken restaurant is that you’ll have tons of options on our menu including combos, meals, sides, sandwiches, snacks, chicken dishes and pizza of course. Everything to meet the size of your appetite and cravings! Our restaurant is the best place for a romantic dinner in town, casual meetups and elaborate lunch - it’s your one-stop pizza place to eat at! So, take your phone out and order online right away.

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